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The goal of this project was to identify a technological need at the school or district of your choice. Upon completing a needs assessment in the form of a survey, a plan to meet the need was to be developed and implemented. I found that our school was in need of additional tools that would help increase student achievement as a result of higher student engagement. I developed a plan to purchase ELMO TT02RX units for all teachers in our school over the course of four years. In addition to the purchase plan, I also developed a professional development, maintenance, and evaluation plan to determine the success of the program.

  1. Vision and Personal Philosophy of Education
  2. Needs Assessment & Identification of Focus Area

  3. Initiatives to Address Needs

  4. Addressing Standards

  5. Hardware & Software Components and Licensure

  6. Funding

  7. Professional Development & Support

  8. Maintenance Procedures & Recycling Timeline

  9. Evaluation & Modification Strategies

  10. Bibliography

  11. Reflection

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