This project is an introduction into digital photography (taking and manipulating photos), creating audio file (podcast, mp3), and laying using a wiki to lay out material. The assignment is a collaborative project requiring each student in the EDT 6010 course to make a short story using the photos, audio file, and wiki to show the adventures of Flat Stanley. All of the students projects are then displayed at the following website:
Who is Flat Stanley? In the 1964 book, Flat Stanley Adventure, by James Brown, Stanley is "made flat" when a heavy bulletin board falls on him. He is able to visit friends because he can be folded and placed in an envelope to be mailed. The Official Flat Stanley Website is located at


Please click on the link below to be directed to my completed Flat Stanley adventure: Flat Stanley Goes to High School.


As a former Kindergarten teacher, I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on an assignment geared towards Kindergarten through Grade 1. Prior to this assignment I had never dealt with audio or .mp3 files. After getting over the initial "Do I really have to play with a cut out Flat Stanley?", I found that this was a very practical project. It was the perfect combination of audio, visual, and text input. In addition, this task allowed for additional practice with the skills related to utilizing WikiSpaces. Since I've had limited exposure and experience with WikiSpaces I found this additional practice helpful. After completing this project I feel more comfortable with my ability to crop photos, edit a Wiki page, post photos and audio clips, upload and record audio files, as well as turn them into a usable format. I think this was a great introduction and application exercise for these skills.