• Summary:

The Global Awareness Project required educators to design an activity that would encourage Global Awareness. After developing the activity
the educator was to design a lesson plan to carry out the activity.

  • Description of activity:

Students will be given the opportunity to alternate immersion in the English Language with immersion in the Spanish Language. Because students are
primarily Spanish speakers this will give them the opportunity to “teach” during this activity as much as it will give them the opportunity to “learn”.
Students will be given 130 minutes to engage with their Epal during the school week. The time will be allotted as follows: Four 20 minute sessions
(Monday – Thursday) and one 50 minute session on Fridays. During each session students will be given a topic to discuss. This topic will be agreed
upon by both the ELL teacher and the teacher of our Epal students. The alternating Spanish and English immersion schedules will be determined by the
teacher. However, it is expected that each session last a minimum of 20 minutes. So a typical schedule may look something like:

  • Monday: 20 minutes email or chat in English language on teacher determined topic
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes email or chat in Spanish language on teacher determined topic
  • Wednesday: 20 minutes email or chat in English language on teacher determined topic
  • Thursday: 20 minutes email, chat, or Skype in Spanish language on determined topic
  • Friday: 25 minutes English discussing activities of the week and weekend plans. 25 minutes Spanish free topic.
  • Lesson Plan summary:

Introductory Lesson: Prior to the lesson the teacher will have established a login and Epal for each student. Students will be introduced to the computer lab (which they have used in the past for other projects). The teacher will provide students with a login and their Epal’s contact information. Students will be able to ask any questions they have. The teacher will show the students a Jing Tutorial of Epals. The students will write their first email to their Epal in English.
Long-term: Students will be using a computer lab 5 days per week. The students will be provided with Web-cams to be used on Fridays. All communication will be monitored by the teacher. Each week the students will be assigned topics to discuss (topics will be determined by both the ELL students’ teacher and the Epal students’ teacher. Students will also be given specified free time where they can discuss other areas of interest.

  • Reference

Epals Screencast: http://epals.s3.amazonaws.com/LearningSpaceDemo/LearningSpaceDemo.htm
Epals website: http://www.epals.com/

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